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Standfirst: Falken releases two new tyres to pimp your car today

If you haven't changed your wheels since you drove your car off the lot 10 years ago, we recommend putting new spinners on your ride. To get you started, here are Falken's latest:

Sincera SN832i
The Sincera SN832i is Falken's Standard tyre with a European taste that provides the longer life and higher durability desired by the ASEAN market. Stronger pattern and profile features are introduced to maximise wear performance for better mileage and longer life. Targeted towards small and midsized vehicles owners, the SN832i is available in 33 sizes from series 50-70, with diameters ranging from 12-16-inch. Added benefits of the Sincera SN832i includes:  

The Sincera:

  • Resistant to irregular wear with optimised foot print and contact pressure.
  • Retention of brand-pattern image for a long time even as wear progresses. It can be used until completely worn out.
  • Perfectly round profile to evenly distribute strain and reduce deformation.
  • Wider Reinforced Steel Belt which strengthens durability.
  • Enhanced pattern rigiditywhere four rib pattern design maintains the size and strength of pattern block.
  • These tyres go well on the Saga, Myvi, Vios and the all-new Proton Iriz. Spoil your Saga and Iriz with bigger wheels and go for the 185/60R14 and the 195/55R15 respectively.

Ziex ZE914
The Ziex ZE914 is Falken's latest innovative upgrade from its current product offerings with excellent wet capabilities that meet the demands from European vehicle manufacturers. It features a new Falken compound formulation that delivers outstanding high mileage and reduced fuel consumption characteristics without compromising safety. Sport-comfort tyre ZE914 is indeed a thoughtful design with the user in mind. Other Ziex advantages:  


  • Large shoulder block pattern minimises shoulder movement which reduces shoulder wear.
  • High level wet traction and braking capabilities achieved with the use of a silica rich compound that connects to the polymer, creates excellent flexibility.
  • Reduced fuel consumption by introducing heat resistant polymer which prevents unnecessary heat generation by the polymer and leading to reduced rolling resistance.
  • We recommend the ZE914 for the Preve, City and Almera for us frugal working types, but if you're better off, you can fit these on a BMW 3-series or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class.


Credited to: FHM May15