Chinese tyre manufacturer Rovelo stands out with green

Committed to value

Chinese tyre manufacturer Rovelo stands out with green and economical range of products

Value for money and environmental friendliness are must-have selling points of the 20th century, no matter what the industry. These two qualities form the driving force behind Rovelo, a tyre manufacturer focused on delivering sustainable value to an industry teeming with demanding customers and investors alike.

Formed in China in 2010, Rovelo targets the entry-level market by offering its consumers an economical, dependable and efficient option in an already ultra-competitive automotive tyre market. Despite its emphasis on affordability, Rovelo's commitment to quality is evident through its R&D (research and development) centres in Canada, Europe and China, as well as its partnership with world-renowned technology suppliers such as Bekaert, Hyosung, Cabot and Continental.

These investments have led to an impressive line-up of tyres catered to vehicles of all types and sizes, from compact hatchbacks to off-road trucks. Five patterns from Rovelo's extensive product line-up have been introduced in Malaysia as a start. Two of them are comfort-biased offerings (RHP-778 and RHP-A68), another two are from the UHP (ultra-high performance) category (Sport A1 and RPX-988), with one sole option for light truck users (RCM-601).

Between the two comfort tyres, the RHP-A68 is better equipped for high-speed driving and all-weather braking thanks to its reinforced shoulder ribs and multi-dimensional centre sipes while the RHP-778 addresses wet traction, ride smoothness and stability with its four wide circumferential grooves, variable angle sipings and solid centre rib.

In the UHP range, the Sport A1 and RPX-988 tyres both feature asymmetrical patterns designed for superior wet traction and high-speed cornering stability, making them an ideal fit for sports cars and high-powered vehicles. The wavy pattern of the Sport A1's outside rib reduces road noise while the RPX-988's shoulder ribs and wavy tread sipes promote tread life and overall driving comfort.

Off-road enthusiasts will be delighted to have a new pattern to choose from. Rovelo's RCM-601 tyre employs a multidirectional pattern for durability and wet performance while its buffered sipe design enhances driving comfort. Rovelo will soon launch another option in this category called the Road Quest H/T. It features four deep, wide grooves and an open shoulder design that improve rolling resistance, fuel economy, wet traction and stability.

Rovelo's confidence in its products is reflected in the warranty it offers for all its tyre patterns. The diversity of the tyres and the engineering behind them make Rovelo one of very few international brands that paint the term "Made in China" in a positive light.