Falken Azenis FK510 Designs for Outstanding Performance

The Azenis FK510 ultra-high performance (UHP) tyre is the latest addition to the range offered by Falken, the flagship high performance radial tyre brand of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI).  

Established in 1983 in its home country Japan, the brand’s founder deliberately chose a name that expresses dynamism, performance and natural elegance. Over three decades later, Falken is a high-profile independent brand focusing on quality products, continuously driving progress by using professional motor sport as a development testing arena. The roll-out of Azenis FK510, stressed SRI, has allowed consumers to enjoy racing expertise in their every drive. 

Here in Malaysia, the Falken Azenis FK510 has received encouraging response since its official launch in August, 2018 by Stamford Tyres (M) Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Falken tyres in the country. 

Designed for drivers of luxury vehicles, sports and sporty cars, as well as luxury SUVs that are looking for excellent grip and outstanding performance, the Azenis FK510 is a successor to the popular FK453. The tyre has been engineered using a 4D-nado design tread compound that provides traction, grip on dry and wet roads, as well as shorter braking distance. Wear life is improved with nano-scale compound optimisation. With the latest noise reduction technology, the Azenis FK510 is quiet and comfortable. Confidence-inspiring handling and stability is achieved through its hybrid undertread materials. 

Other features include Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP), an intelligently designed tread pattern that adapts to all situations in order to maximise surface area. This allows better pressure distribution, improving both directional stability and enhanced all-round grip with the added benefit of even wear. The wide shoulder blocks offer high speed cornering and lateral grip, whilst rapid and highly efficient water displacement is achieved through wide circumferential grooves in advanced pattern design, ensuring enhanced hydroplaning resistance. 

The Japan made Azenis FK510 covers a wide range of today’s luxury vehicles, and is available in 105 sizes, ranging from 17 to 22 inches and 25 to 65 series. It carries speed rating – W/Y, or Y that means it has been approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h or > 300 km/h.   This includes 75 sizes of the FK510 for passenger cars and 28 SUVs and 2 OE sizes of the FK510A SUV tyre for the luxury Porsche Macan. 

The Azenis FK510 has been available as an SUV-specific tyre since 2019. It is based on the successful Azenis FK510 and tailored to the SUV market. Its innovative Switchback Siping tread design and 4D-Nano enhanced compound ensure exceptional grip and safety for the highest performing SUVs.

Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, Sumitomo Rubber Group’s European sales company is pleased to announce that it has been supplying FK510A, the Original Equipment tyres for the current generation of Porsche Macan in both 235/60R18 (front) and  255/55R18 (rear) sizes. The tyres each have the speed symbol ‘W’  (up to 270 km/h) and a load index of 103 and 105 respectively.

Hall of fame

The Falken Azenis FK510 has performed well in independent tyre tests in Europe, which made it highly recognised in the market. For the fourth time in a row, the Azenis FK510 has achieved the ‘exemplary’ rating in the major German magazine Auto Bild’s big summer tyre test. This year, it achieved a place among the top ten of the summer tyres tested in the ultra-high performance segment, finishing in seventh. A total of 50 summer treads were tested in the dimension 245/45R 18 100Y on a BMW 5 Series. 

‘Summer treads with stable and secure handling qualities, short wet braking distance, a quiet noise when driving by, high mileage and a very good price performance ratio’ are the strengths attributed to the Azenis FK510 by the independent tyre tester. 

In fact in 2019, Auto Bild compared 53 name-brand, high performance tyres (size 225/45R17) , comprehensively evaluating each tyre in terms of handling and braking on both wet and dry road surfaces, riding comfort, fuel efficiency and various other performance traits. When all was said and done, the Azenis FK510 received the third highest overall evaluation among all of the tyres tested and an ‘exemplary’ rating in the 2019 Auto Bild Summer Tyre Test.  

Following a string of positive test results for the tyre, the Azenis FK510 was pitched against seven other ultra-high-performance tyre models on a BMW M2 with fitment 245/35R19 on the front and 265/35R19 on the rear. It has been awarded ‘recommended’ status and was placed fourth in the 2019 Tyre Reviews UHP Summer Tyre Test by Tyre Reviews.  

Way back in 2018, the Azenis FK510 had been validated by winning the 2018 Wheels Tyre Test when it was launched in Australia earlier in the same year. 

Meanwhile, Auto, Motor und Sport, a highly influential German car magazine, also placed the Azenis FK510 second in a test of 52 tyres. GTÜ (Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung), a German inspection service (similar to Singapore’s Vicom), ranked the Azenis FK510 first in its own test of 11 different tyres. In short, the Azenis FK510 has enjoyed high ratings by a number of other European magazines, often ranking in the top three.  

The Azenis FK510 is available at Stamford Tyres Malaysia retails outlets – Glenmarie Tyre Mart, Cheras Tyre Mart and Kota Damansara Tyre Mart. Log onto www.stamfordtyres.com.my for more information. 

飞劲Azenis FK510设计出色


Azenis FK510超高性能轮胎是住友橡胶工业株式会社(Sumitomo Rubber Industries)旗舰高性能子午胎品牌–飞劲的最新系列。

1983年成立于日本,飞劲品牌创办人故意选择了一个能够表达活力、性能及自然优雅的名字。30年之后,飞劲成为一个专注于优质产品,不停通过专业赛车运动作为产品开发测试场的高知名度品牌。住友橡胶工业表示,Azenis FK510的推出,让消费者能够在日常驾驶中体验赛车专业知识。

飞劲Azenis FK510自2018年8月,由飞劲轮胎马来西亚独家经销商—添福轮胎(马)私人有限公司发布以来,获得了热烈反应。

专为豪华型轿车、跑车、运动型车辆及豪华休旅车(SUV)驾驶人所设计的Azenis FK510,正是广受欢迎的FK453的下一代产品。此款轮胎采用4D纳米复合胶料配方制成,可提供牵引力、干地和湿地抓地力,以及较短的制动距离。优化的纳米级复合物胶料改善了该轮胎的磨耗寿命。最新的降低噪音技术,使Azenis FK510变得既安静又舒适。其混合胎面胶原材料,带来充满信心的轮胎操控和稳定性。


日本制造的Azenis FK510共有105个尺寸,从17至22寸,25至65系列,覆盖目前广泛的豪华车型,拥有W/Y或Y等级(最高速度可达300km/h或>300km/h)。这包括FK510的75种不同尺寸的轿车胎,28种SUV尺寸、豪华保时捷Macan原装配备轮胎(OE)– FK510A SUV的两种尺寸 。

Azenis FK510 SUV是飞劲在2019年推出,以Azenis FK510为原型开发的SUV专用产品。其创新的之字形刀槽花纹和D纳米强化胶料配方,确保SUV拥有卓越的抓地力和安全性能。



飞劲Azenis FK510在欧洲独立轮胎测试中表现卓越,获得市场的高度认可。它已经连续四年获得德国《Auto Bild》杂志夏天轮胎测试中“值得仿效”的评级。今年,它在夏天轮胎的高性能轮胎组别中名列前10名,并获得总体排名第七名的好成绩。该杂志使用宝马5 系,安装245/45R18 100Y的轮胎,对50款夏季轮胎进行评测。

该轮胎独立测试者表示,“Azenis FK510具有稳定和安全操控的优质夏天花纹、湿地制动距离短、噪音低、高里程数及良好的性价比” 。 

事实上,《Auto Bild》曾在2019年对53款不同品牌的高性能轮胎(尺寸:225/45R17)进行过评测,比较这些轮胎的干地和湿地操控和制动能力、驾乘舒适性、燃油经济及不同的性能特点。结果,Azenis FK510在《Auto Bild》夏天轮胎测试中赢得总体排名第三名和“值得仿效”的评级。

Azenis FK510在获得一系列正面测试结果之后,又在《Tyre Reviews》的2019年超高性能夏天轮胎评测中与其他7款超高性能轮胎相互对垒,并获得了“推荐” 的评级。测试使用的车辆为宝马M2,前后轮规格分别为245/35 R19和265/35 R19。

2018年,当Azenis FK510在澳大利亚发布时,也曾于同年的Wheels Tyre Test中胜出,大放异彩。

与此同时,德国具高影响力的《Auto, Motor und Sport》杂志在评测了52款轮胎后,也将Azenis FK510名列第二。与新加坡Vicom类似的德国技术监督协会GTü(Gesellschaft für Technischeüberwachung),也在其测试的11款轮胎中将AzenisFK510列在第一位。简而言之,Azenis FK510在许多不同的欧洲杂志中获得高度认可,经常排在前三名。

Azenis FK510目前在马来西亚添福胶胎零售门店—GlenmarieTyre Mart、Cheras Tyre Mart及Kota Damansara Tyre