Falken Dealer Incentive Trip – 8 Days 5 Nights Eastern Europe Croatia

As a huge international retail companies Stamford Tyres has built a stellar reputation for steadfast commitment to service and product excellence over the years. From a humble beginning Stamford Tyres is today an international tyre and wheel supply and service provider, with a huge market presence in the region including of course here in Malaysia.

Indeed the success of Stamford Tyres over the years was due in no small token to the remarkable performance of its vast network of dealers. As per our regular feature, the Stamford Tyres Malaysia dealer incentive trip – one of the company's time honored corporate practices and customs, is organized annually specifically to acknowledge the huge part being played by its dealers network – which is rapidly expanding even as we speak.

Recently during the month of May Stamford Tyres Malaysia took its Falken dealers on just such an incentive trip to the Eastern Europe region specifically Croatia for a total of 8 days 5 nights. The 54 Falken dealers were accompanied by five STM representatives namely STM CEO Mr SK Cham, two STM sales personnel Ku Seng Yeow and Ray Ng, plus STC sales personnel Chiang Chia Heng, and also Marketing Chye Chew Yong.

The STM Falken Trip departed from KLIA on May 22nd for Istanbul Turkey, and from there they took another flight from Istanbul to Dubrovnik – a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea, itself one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. From Dubrovnik the group was taken on a coach ride traversing Split, Trogi and Plitvice – each stops famous for their medieval architecture and historic sites, along which the beautiful Croatian scenery beckons all the way to Zagreb -the capital city of Croatia.

It has been said in the most popular tourist websites that the month of May is the perfect time to visit Croatia; it's before the big summer onslaught of tourists yet the weather is warm and sunny enough to enjoy exploring the Croatian coast and islands.

After spending most of their time (until day seven of eight) in Zagreb with its myriad of tourist attractions and places of interests, the STM Falken Dealers Trip boarded a 3 hour flight from Zagreb to Istanbul from where they departed for KLIA the next day.