On the evening of June the 21st Stamford Tyres Malaysia held a glamorous gala dinner cum product launch for its two brand new Falken tyres – the Sincera SN832i and the ZIEX ZE914 ECORUN. After three similar launches covering Stamford Tyres four main markets in Peninsular Malaysia, beginning in Kuantan (East Coast), then Johor Bharu (Southern), thereafter Penang (Northern), before the main event in KL, the launch were well attended by members of the media and distinguished guests, including Stamford Tyres dealers.  

The long list of distinguished guests present were Mr Wee Kok Wah, President of Stamford Tyres Corporation Ltd, Mrs Dawn Wee, Executive Director of Stamford Tyres Corporation Ltd, Mr Cham Soon Kian, Executive Vice President & CEO Stamford Tyres Malaysia, Ms Koh Lee Ming, Assistant General Mgr of Stamford Tyres (M) Msia. Mr Chia Kiang Mun, Senior Sales Mgr of Stamford Tyres (M) Msia.

Representing Sumitomo Rubber were Yasuhiro Nemoto san, Managing Director of Sumitomo Rubber Asia (Tyre) Pte.Ltd. Mr Wu Xiaoning Manager of Sales Marketing Sumitomo Rubber Asia (Tyre) Pte.Ltd and Takuya Machida, General Manager of Sumotomo Rubber (Thailand) Co. Ltd. And Yoshiaki Takemoto san.

The night's main itinerary begin with the welcoming speech by Mr Wee Kok Wah – President of Stamford Tyres Corporation Ltd, and before long the Executive Director of Stamford Tyres Corp Mr SK Cham took the stage. Mr SK Cham expressed confidence that 'the 2 newest product offering from Falken will help Stamford Tyres improve further the brand recognition here in Malaysia and most importantly help their partners and friends make more profit.'

Mr SK Cham continued, "Sumitomo has been putting in more effort in Malaysia in these recent years to improve the product that is offered in Falken brand. We are indeed lucky to have Sumitomo, identify Malaysia as one of the key markets. This recognition will not have been possible without our partners, customers and friends here tonight that have put in so much effort, sweat and time to make Falken a successful brand"

Moments later Yasuhiro Nemoto san, Managing Director of Sumitomo Rubber Asia (Tyre) Pte.Ltd. delivered his speech. He started by reiterating that "Falken tyre is transforming into a true global brand. Since 2014, we started to supply Falken tyres to car manufacturers as OE, Volkswagen in Germany and Chrysler in USA. And also we are now trying to supply Falken tire to Porsche Cayenne"

Elaborating on both the Sincera SN832i and the ZIEX ZE914 Tyres Nemoto San explained, "Falken tires will be fitted to more and more cars in coming years and we are expecting these cars to be exported to Malaysia. After we've launched Falken's Flagship tyres in the past 2 years, we are very glad to launch these 2 new products today, Sincera SN832i and Ziex ZE914, as both products were developed based on Asian needs – long mileage and wide looking"

Nemoto San further continued, "ZE914 was developed for European market and we modified for Asian needs, wet braking and low fuel consumption, and we are very confident both products could be well accepted by Malaysian customers."
The lively night continued with a live band performance before a quick ten-minute 'Falken Anniversary Video' was shown, and thereafter the 'Top 20 Dealer Awards 2015' were presented. Before the night drew to a close, lucky draws were held where the winners went home with wonderful Falken goodies.

The Sincera SN832i is Falken'sStandard tyre with a European taste that provides the longer life and higher durability desired by the ASEAN market.Stronger pattern and profile features are introduced to maximise wear performance for better mileage and longer life. Targeted towards small and midsized vehicles eg. PeroduaMyvi, Proton Saga, Toyota Viosetc, SN832i is available in 33 sizes from series 50-70, with diameters ranging from 12-16-inch.

  • Resistant to irregular wear withoptimised foot print and contact pressure is evenly distributed across entire tread.
  • Retention of brand-pattern image for a long time even as wear progresses. It can be used until completely worn out.
  • Perfectly round profile to evenly distribute strain and reduce deformation.
  • Wider Reinforced Steel Belt which strengthen durability.
  • Enhanced pattern rigidity where 4 rib pattern design maintains the size and strength of pattern blocks.

The Ziex ZE914 is Falken's latest innovative upgrade from its current product offerings with excellent wet capabilities that meet the demands from European vehicle manufacturers. Featuring new Falken compound formulation that delivers outstanding high mileage and reduced fuel consumption characteristicswithout compromising safety. Sport-comfort tyre ZE914 is indeed a thoughtfully designed with users in mind. Targeted towards small and midsized vehicles eg. Proton Preve, Honda Jazz, Nissan Almeraetc, ZE914 is available in 56 sizes from series 35-65, with diameters ranging from 15-18-inch. ZE914 is an OE tyre for Volkswagen Passat.  

  • Resistant to irregular wear with optimised foot print and contact pressure is evenly distributed across entire tread.
  • Large shoulder block pattern minimized shoulder movement which reduces shoulder wear.
  • High level wet traction/braking capabilities achieved with the use of a silica rich compound that connects to the polymer, creates excellent flexibility. Therefore allowing it to closely follow the delicate indentations on the road surface, thus increasing wet grip.
  • Reduced Fuel consumption by introducing heat resistant polymer which prevents unnecessary heat generation by the polymer, leading to reduced rolling resistance.

For more information and details on these new Falken tyres you can call Stamford Tyres (M) Sdn. Bhd. at 03-5569 3094/3397 or you can also go to their website at www.stamfordtyres.com.my

Credited to: Hypertune