Falken Tyres was launched in its native country of Japan in 1983 and introduced to the North American market two years later. At its inception, Falken was created as the flagship high-performance radial brand under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber. Now, 37 years later, Falken has solidified its place as a strong consumer choice for tires, as it has focused on UHP (Ultra High Performance) products by participating in – and winning – well-known professional motorsports programs. The success achieved in these programs helps to further develop and improve passenger vehicle products for both domestic and worldwide distribution.

The New Falken AZENIS FK510 is a flagship Ultra High Performance Tyre, designed and manufactured by one of the World’s biggest tyre manufacturer – Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., AZENIS FK510 is a premium Japanese tyre and it is manufactured only in Japan. The AZENIS FK510 is designed for drivers of premium vehicles looking for excellent grip and outstanding performance. The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 has been on the Malaysian market and Falken outlets across the nation from August 2018 and starting from 2019, the Falken 510 is available in the FK510 SUV sizes. The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 SUV is based on the successful AZENIS FK510 and is tailored to the SUV market featuring the innovative Switchback Siping tread design and the 4D-Nano enhanced compound to ensure exceptional grip and safety for the highest performing SUV.

The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 and FK510 SUV covers a wide range of today’s luxury sport vehicles and high performance SUV, including staggered applications, and is available in total 105 sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches, in the series 25 to 65. It has a speed symbol of W, Y or (Y) which means that the FALKEN AZENIS FK510 is approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h or > 300 km/h.

Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, Sumitomo Rubber Group’s European sales company is pleased to announce that FALKEN have begun supplying tyres for the current generation of Porsche Macan. The FALKEN AZENIS FK510A SUV are supplied in both 235/60R18 and 255/55R18 sizes. The tyres each have the speed symbol “W” (up to 270 km/h) and a load index of 103 and 105 respectively.

Advanced 4D Nano Design allows the FK510 compound to adapt to dry and wet driving conditions, while four circumferential grooves effectively disperse water to resist hydroplaning enhancing both wear and wet weather traction. Featuring hybrid undertread cap ply, by using the materials consists of aramid and nylon, the FK510 delivers confidence-inspiring handling and stability. Wide shoulder blocks on the FK510 enhances high-speed cornering and lateral grip. Furthermore, the FK510 also includes the Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP) tread design which provide a high levels of directional stability, enhanced all-round grip with the added benefit of an even tyre wear.

The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 reputation in Europe is astonishing as it is highly valued in the European market which has strict demands and requirements. In year 2017/19 and 2020, a Falken summer tyre has achieved the title “exemplary” in the big Auto BILD Summer Tyres Test. Not only that, but the FALKEN AZENIS FK510 is also Falken’s top-rated high-performance tyre and its flagship model in a range that is set to achieve 95.9 percent coverage of all European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA) fitments by the end of 2020.

The Falken AZENIS FK510 had been put through a brake test on wet and dry roads at the starting speeds of 100 km/h (dry) and 80 km/h (wet), the FK510 scored 30.7m on the wet road and 36m on the dry road putting it first among the finalists. The FK510 was then put to a mileage test and with 39,063 calculated kilometers, the tyre achieved second place. With an aquaplaning speed of 95.5 km/h and lateral acceleration of 3.66 m/s², the Falken AZENIS FK 510 secured a place among the top ten in this section which proves that the safety does not have to be sacrificed for tyres with an outstanding price-performance ratio. 

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