Falken rolling on

The brand continues to stay competitive in Malaysia thanks to Stamford Tyres. Its two latest offerings will help too.

Millions of new tyres are sold in Malaysia every year. Despite the high turnaround, competition in the industry is stiff, with new names entering the market in large numbers of late. Keeping up with the times is important to staying afloat, which is what long-timer Stamford Tyres has been trying to do with the introduction of two new tyres.

Stamford Tyres has been distributing Falken tyres in Malaysia for over two decades. The business has grown so wellthat its distribution network now encompasses most of the Asean region as well as Hong Kong, South Africa and several Pacific nations. To stay strong in these markets in the face of industrial growth, Stamford Tyres has launched the Sincera 832i and ZIEX ZE914 tyres aimed at eco-conscious buyers.

"Falken's ZIEX tyre has been in the market for many years," says Cham Soon Kian, CEO of Stamford Tyres. "There were the ZIEX 522 and ZIEX 322. To replace them, Falken came out with a tyre for Asia, the Sincera 832i. It is a highermileage asymmetrical tyre that's bigger and better than the predecessors."

An industry veteran with decades of experience with tyres, Cham insists the Sincera 832i is a proven product as it is currently an OE tyre for the Volkswagen Up in Europe. However, its size range is not as wide as the ZIEX tyres it replaces.

 "There are only 33 sizes catering to smaller cars, which makes it ideal for Asean," said Cham. "If you think about it, this is applicable to the whole of Asia as smaller cars outnumber bigger ones here. The Sincera 832i is basically an economical and comfortable tyre with low noise. After all, Malaysians are very particular about noise."

With sizes for the Sincera 832i maxing out at 16 inches in diameter, the all-new ZIEX ZE914 offers a similar package of performance and economy for wheels of up to 18 inches in diameter. According to Cham, the ZIEX ZE914 was originally designed for Europe. "It's actually an 'eco' tyre. It is very long lasting and energy-saving. That is what it is made for. And of course, it is an improvement over the older model, the ZE912. It has a better size range with 56 sizes, but there might be more sizes introduced in the future. We have tested both tyres in the local market and the feedback has been good."

It is a step in the right direction for Falken, a company now striving to develop its global brand image through technological advancements and initiatives relevant to the automotive industry as a whole.

"Falken recently achieved a thirdplace finishin 24 Hours N¨¹rburgring," beamed Cham."It is the brand's first ever podium finish, and really not a bad achievement at all. 24 Hours N¨¹rburgring is a very tough challenge, and Falken has been in it for years. It is one of Falken's many initiatives to develop the brand."


Credited to: TopGear Malaysia