FK453 tyre Free Road Hazard Warranty

For those of you on the lookout for a great deal on your next set of tyres this ought to perk up your interest. From Stamford Tyres the supplier of Falken tyres here in Malaysia is now offering a new warranty policy for the Falken FK453. With the stellar reputation that Falken have the world over, you can count on having the very best tyre available in the market today. And now with the new warranty offer from Stamford Tyres, there's a whole lot more to gain from your next purchase of Falken tyres.

Available for a specific range of Falken radial tyres, namely the FK453 range, the Free Road Hazard Warranty is a policy that provides coverage for damages that were caused by road hazards. Such policy is certainly welcomed nowadays, what with the kinds of roads we tend to come across in our daily grind. There are always the odd unpaved stretches of roads interconnecting one location with another and there'd always be potholes, oil spills that has not been cleared, sink holes, unmarked speed bumps, even uneven road surfaces; plus many other types of hazards that we are bound to encounter.
What the Falken Tyres Free Road Hazard Warranty is essentially is a policy tailor-made for specific range of Radial Tyres that benefit customers by providing coverage for unintentional damages from road hazards. The validity period of this warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase, or up to 50% of the remaining tread wear of tyres, depending on whichever comes first. The warranty is only applicable for specific range of passenger car radial tyres on a Pro-rata basis (meaning in proportionality to the aforementioned factors that can be calculated).

The terms and conditions are that the policy is only applicable to customers who've completed the registration at the time of purchase; the registration is mandatory and may be done either by completing and returning the warranty card as provided, or snapping photos of the completed warranty card (STM copy), the original invoice and receipt and sending it via Whats App to 016-336 5620. Before registering the customers need to read up on the Falken Free Road Hazard Warranty Policy, and thus all registration is considered as adhering to the said policy. When claiming the warranty customers mst produce the original warranty card, the original receipt and the damaged tyres itself. The Falken Free Road Hazard Warranty Policy's warranty card is given for a pair (2 pieces) of the Falken FK453, meaning that if you purchase four FK453 you would receive 2 warranty cards.

The Falken Tyres warranty coverage are accidental damage cuts, unintentional damages, impact break damages, run flat damages, non-repairable damage cuts on tread area or side walls, plus also any other damages that is not due to poor vehicle condition, inflation pressure, and alignment or mechanical problems. What the warranty does not cover are intentional damages, uneven wear caused by mechanical irregularities, mounting or remounting damages, gaiter damages, damages due to repairs, and damages as per repairable minor nail holes determined by Falken service technicians.
In a recent test done by a European concern the Falken FK453 was noted for good deceleration on dry asphalt and wet skidpad at high speeds. The tyre delivers precise steering control, stable braking and sporty, snappy rear-axle performance. The FK453 was also highly recommended for braking distances in wet and dry conditions, and together with good results for aquaplaning (longitudinal and lateral), the FK453 notched up great marks in the most safety-relevant categories. It was also judged as an incredible value for money and extremely low running noise complement its strong performance in wet conditions and long braking distances.

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