New Falken Azenis Range

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Luxury now has a new name with the debut of Falken's maiden Premium Touring and Ultra High tyres; both of which were built for unrelenting speed, supreme comfort, flawless style and unsurpassed class. While the former is best suited for luxury vehicles, the latter is the perfect fit for sports cars as well as SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles). The launch of the two new product ranges signifies the brand's continued commitment to automobile excellence par none, reinforcing its undefeated position as the market leader worldwide.  (85 words)

Premium Touring Tyres: Azenis PT722
An all-season accessory, the Azenis PT722 which belongs to Falken's Premium Touring tyre collection whilst featuring a deep tread depth (by 10 per cent) and long lateral groove for anti-hydroplaning and stability in the wet, also allows for higher mileage, which is every driver's dream, Fitted with state-of-the-art technology, superior quality is a guarantee alongside maximum wear capacity, revolutionising the way automobiles hit the road, engines roar and smoothness of drive.

A new breed altogether, the tyre redefines high-powered driving, lending a fresh meaning to ‘taking the wheel'. With the PT722, it's all about what drives you; you're the master of the journey and the road a thrilling trail to blaze. Offered in 44 sizes from Series 30 to 60 with diameters ranging from 16 to 20 inches, luxury car owners literally have in their grasp the best toy in town.

Other key highlights include improved steel belts for better wear and performance, a unique rib groove to inhibit irregular wear by enhancing rigidity of the tread, jointless nylon cap ply and layer and high density casing ply for heightened speed, durability, and wear resistance.

Finally, these tyres are equipped with tread-wear indicators to keep drivers up to speed on proper rotation timing. With all these master functions in place, the feeling is akin to charging down the highway full throttle, with an unhindered ease of motion and clarity.  (225 words)

Ultra High Performance Tyres: Azenis 453 and 453CC
An extension of the range above, the Azenis 453 is no ordinary product. Meticulously designed for one's driving pleasure and a firmer grip, one is able to enjoy an increased level of efficiency while behind the wheel without compromising on the aspect comfort, making the tyre the car's best friend.

In addition to this, there exists the added bonus of immaculate speed performance due to high rigidity construction which minimizes tread profile expansion. This offering in available in 70 different sizes beginning with Series 25 all the way to 55 with diameters ranging from 17 to 22 inches.

Meanwhile, a customised offering meant for both new and old style SUVs, the Azenis 453CC model packs serious stability, high speed, comfort, and safety capabilities. Both variants draw their strength from specific characteristics which represent the superiority the brand stands for.  

These begin with the new Falken hard thread compound which relies on a high silica load for extraordinary speed and stability whilst the tyre's optimisation of contact pressure in the shoulder area of the tread is legendary given its updated round shoulder shape.

While impressive on their own, these specialised utilities work hand in hand with other functions for a more wholesome experience. Its thread design with three straight grooves drains water effectively and the employment of a greater pattern rigidity increases handling and stability, reducing tyre noise. True to the brand's long-standing credo, "We Get You Going" Falken's latest high-tech inventions by Stamford Tyres underline its dedication to offering quality and value at the most optimum of levels.