New Falken Ziex ZE914 ECORUN

Mention the Falken name and you would immediately recall its global reputation as among the most established tyre brand in the market, with numerous acknowledgements and accolades to its name. Falken Tyres are also popularly known for their Ultra High Performance radials, design and affordability. All their tyres are made with the very latest and most advanced Japanese technology. And now the very latest from Falken comes the ZIEX ZE914.

The ZIEX ZE914 is Falken's answer to the incessant demands from drivers and car owners who wants the following characteristics from their tyres: excellent wet grip, dry handling, low rolling resistance and a comfortable drive. The ZIEX ZE914's asymmetrical tread design and longitudinal grooves (four of them) guarantees maximum road grip and improved water uptake and dispersal as well as braking and handling in wet conditions. Stiff tread blocks enhance directional stability and add sportiness to cornering. Falken's been known for providing great street and performance tires with their Azenis lineup, a series that has dominated the Honda enthusiast market for years. Now in the ZIEX ZE914, they've expanded to offer something to enthusiasts looking to save some money at the pump and still upgrade the look and handling of their pride and joy.

The ZIEX ZE914 is Falken's latest innovative upgrade from its current product offerings with excellent wet capabilities that meet the demands from European vehicle manufacturers. Its design features new Falken compound formulation that delivers outstanding high mileage and noticeably reduced fuel consumption characteristics without compromising safety. The Falken ZIEX ZE914 is designed primarily with Sports and Comfort in mind and is also more importantly, thoughtfully designed with the users i.e. the consumers, in mind. It is targeted towards small and midsized vehicles like Proton Preve, Honda Jazz, Nissan Almera etc. The ZE914 is available in 56 sizes from series 35-65, with diameters ranging from 15-18-inch. ZE914 is an OE tyre for Volkswagen Passat.  

Among its primary characteristics are:

  • Resistant to irregular wear with optimised foot print and contact pressure is evenly distributed across entire tread.
  • Large shoulder block pattern minimized shoulder movement which reduces shoulder wear.
  • High level wet traction/braking capabilities achieved with the use of a silica rich compound that connects to the polymer, creates excellent flexibility. Therefore allowing it to closely follow the delicate indentations on the road surface, thus increasing wet grip.
  • Reduced Fuel consumption by introducing heat resistant polymer which prevent unnecessary heat generation by the polymer, leading to reduced rolling resistance.

Ask any car owners and enthusiasts, these are always at the top priority of requirements when their in the market for aftermarket tyres. Falken tyres are available here from Stamford Tyres (M) Sdn. Bhd. at 03-5569 3094/3397 or you can also go to their website at