Press Conference: Falken trifecta of luxury performance rubbers

Falken are going great guns this year to grab a larger slice of the market share pie by launching not one, not two, but three all-new premium performance tyres for the Malaysian market.

Stamford Tyres, the local distributor of Falken, unveiled the new tyres that deliver outstanding performance in the premium touring segment and cater for performance cars as well as luxury SUVs.

First up is the Azenis PT722 A/S that promises higher mileage, deep tread depth and longer lateral grooves for anti-hydroplaning as well as stability in wet conditions. It’s designed with an asymmetric tread pattern that provides comfort to complement its all-season performance capabilities.

The PT722 A/S comes with the Falken Treadwear Indicator that signal the precise period the tyres require rotation. This results in better mileage and a tyre that will last longer. A number of new features on the tyre give it the ability to deliver the high performance that the buyers will demand.

Wide steel belts used in the carcass are beefier than the regular cords utilized and help regulate the wear as well as improve performance. The tread features a unique rib groove that inhibits irregular wear by enhancing the rigidity of the tread. Furthermore, jointless nylon cap plies and layers enhance durability at high speeds in damp conditions.

Right from the launch, Stamford Tyres will be offering the PT722 A/S in 44 different sizes, ranging from 30 series to 60 series profiles and diameters from 16-inch to 20-inch. The wide range of sizes ensure that almost all vehicles targeted will be able to find the right size for their wheels.

Wearing the performance hat though is the 453 and 453CC tyres. Tagged as ultra high performance rubbers, they bring more grip and driving pleasure to the table without sacrificing comfort too much. Using a high rigidity construction method, the 453 is able to reduce tread profile expansion under heavy loads.

A variation of the 453 is the 453CC that caters for premium SUVs. Modern SUVs are blurring the line between performance and utility, which is the precise reason a high performance tyre like the 453CC should be available for them.

All in all, the 453 and 453CC have a new round shoulder shape to optimize contact pressure in the shoulder area of the tread blocks. Falken have also developed a new stiffer tread compound that offers high speed stability. Combined with the high silica loaded adhesive compound that increases grip, both variants of the 453 make high speed manoeuvring safer and more stable. Water dispersion was also improved on the tyre with a new triple straight groove design that dispels water effectively.

With both variants, the 453 and 453CC are available in 70 sizes, ranging from 25 to 55 series profiles and diameters from 17-inch to 22-inch.

If you’re in the market for some new kicks for your premium performance machine, you might want to take into consideration the three new offerings from Falken that just might be the extra edge your ride requires.