Rovelo Dealer Incentive Trip 2017

To show its appreciation, STC TYRE MART SDN BHD (STC) organised a 5-day/4-night Rovelo Dealer Incentive trip to Guangzhou and Huizhou in Guangdong, southern China.

A group of 22 made the trip on April 13-17. Upon arrival on the first day, the group was treated with a visit to the Yagongding Forest Park, which features 2,500 acres of landscape trees and a Mountain Path that stretches for 12.3km. One of the key attractions of the Yagongding Forest Park is its elevation of 306m, making the area well-known as a "natural oxygen bar."

The following day began with yet another urban park area known as Lianhuashan Park, located at the northern end of the Futian Central Business District. One of the key attractions atop the 106m hill is a large bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping, who was a paramount leader of the People's Republic of China from 1978 until his retirement in 1989. The group then continued its excursion towards the West Lake Hui Zhou city, another travelling spot famous for its landscape scenes and cultural landscape, as well as the shopping street known as Qiaoxi Market.

For the final day at Huizhou, the group paid a visit to General Ye Ting's Former Residence, a historical attraction that was carefully restored and opened to the public in 2014. Before ending the day, the group continued on to the picturesque Mount Luofu, a sacred mountain which spans 250km and features many temples and beautiful scenery.

On day 4, the group transferred from Huizhou to Guangzhou city, which took approximately two hours. The first stop upon reaching Guangzhou was to Yuexiu Park, known for being the largest park (at 212.5 acres) in downtown Guangzhou. Within the park are three artificial lakes, seven hills of Yuexiu Mountain, and plenty of cultural relics which draws tourists.

Continuing on, the group made their way to the famous Guangzhou Tower and Shangxiajiu Shopping Street as their final tourist destination before returning to Malaysia the following day.

This trip involved a lot of miles that had to be covered, something which is STC's and its dealers' stock in trade.
Rovelo's line-up of tyres includes the SPORT-A1. Its asymmetrical tread pattern is designed for superior traction in wet conditions and the outer rib pattern to prevent road noise and increase grip on corners.

The RHP A68, meanwhile, also features an asymmetrical tread pattern plus multi-dimensional centre sipes and reinforced shoulder ribs to improve braking in all weather conditions and performance during high speed cornering. Another benefit is extended tread life.

Another in the Rovelo range, the RHP 788, features four wide circumferential grooves to improve wet traction and water drainage. Variable angled sipings have been integrated to ensure a quiet, smooth ride, while a solid centre rib reduces irregular wear and improves high speed stability.

As for the RCM 601, it features a multidirectional pattern for strong durability, and efficient water drainage and wet traction. It has a buffered sipe design for better driving comfort and a unique sidewall design.