Rovelo Dealer Trip to China

Back in May, STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd organised a trip to the exotic and historical China for supportive Rovelo dealers.

Dealers of tyre brand Rovelo, recently got a trip of a lifetime when STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd treated them to a well deserved excursion to mainland China.

The five day, four nights tour took the dealers to Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city located in the southeast section of Shandong Province, China. STC representatives Ang Beng Loo and Jackie Ong were also in China with the dealers relishing the wonderful sights and scenery of the seafront city. 

The trip also brought dealers to a factory visit, a company principally engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of tyres. Their tyre products include tyres for passenger cars, light truck and SUVs, truck and buses, construction machinery, and others. They distribute domestically as well as to oversea markets.

Of course, the trip won't be complete without some the pomp and glitter of a dealer appreciation dinner. Among the Rovelo representatives are Chen Huang, Will Yan, Niclas Asteberg, Vincent Liu, Zhen Fan, Jason Jiang and Pu Han.

There was a prerequisite Lucky Draw for 6 dealers, of which the lucky winners were Goh Lee Wah (GKX – 1st prize), Ng Kong Hooi (Ban Hooi –  2nd prize) and Lee Chang Choon (Emkay – 3rd prize).

A total of 12 dealers went for the trip to China. They are among the dealers that showed impressive sales targets for Rovelo in Malaysia. They were:

  • Ban Hooi
  • YL Best Tyre
  • Dejaya Auto
  • Long March Tyre
  • Klang Hin Leong
  • Klang Hock Li
  • Emkay Tyres
  • Yali
  • GKX Trading
  • CKP
  • Soon Jaya
  • Oscar Tyre

Below are some of the Rovelo offerings selling in Malaysia:

SPORT-A1: Asymmetrical Tread pattern that provides excellent cornering stability while maintaining superior traction in wet conditions; optimally designed to provide excellent drainage for safer driving performance on any wet road; wavy pattern design on the outside rib helps to prevent road noise and increase corner grip.

RHP A68: Asymmetrical tread pattern for excellent cornering stability while maintaining we traction, multi-dimensional centre sipes to drastically improve braking in all weather conditions, and reinforced shoulder ribs engineered for high-speed cornering while extending tread life.
RHP 788: Four wide circumferential grooves to improve wet traction and water drainage, variable angle sipings to ensure a quiet, smooth ride, and solid centre rib to reduce irregular wear and improve high speed stability.
RCM 601: Multidirectional pattern for strong durability, efficient water drainage and wet traction; buffered sipe design for better driving comfort, and a unique sidewall design.