SSW Diesel Wheels – Brand new All-Terrain wheels from Stamford Tyres

Being one of the most prominent major league players in the local scene Stamford Tyres Malaysia have always remained in tune with the wants and needs of the local market, be it the ‘regular’ car owners or the discerning enthusiasts. No matter what you desire, no matter what your particular cup of tea in aftermarket wheels might be Stamford Tyres (M) S/B has got you covered.

And now for those who take their automobiles through just about any kinds of terrains and surfaces drivable (and imaginable) Stamford Tyres brings you their new SSW Diesel All-Terrain Wheels Series, and in this product write up we feature two editions belonging to the SSW Diesel Range, as in two particularly stylish editions at that – the Vegas and the Sahara.

As had been their trademark as well as their time-honored tradition, Stamford Tyres Malaysia had afforded their high quality SSW Diesel Wheels with all the top shelf materials and technology, made with the highest standard and integrity and manufactured under the most stringent quality control. Both the Vegas and the Sahara wheels have all undergone the compulsory tests before they were TUV certified. Dedicated to 4wd vehicles traversing the local roads (both on and off) and terrains atypical of the Malaysian climate and condition, the SSW Diesel range epitomize the internationally renowned hallmarks of Stamford Tyres.

The SSW Diesel Vegas and Sahara series were tailor-made for the 4wd off road enthusiast in mind with USA influence from Stamford Tyres own in-house design team. Both the Vegas and Sahara Diesel series have a variety of fitments, and finishes, and what’s more, you have a choice of either negative offsets for that bold and aggressive look or higher offsets for the more mainstream and conservative appearance.

In other words, whether you’re a passionate offroad slash pickup truck fan or just a ‘regular’ vehicle owner, you can’t go wrong with the SSW Diesel All-Terrain wheels exclusively available from Stamford Tyres Malaysia. Recommended selling price is MYR1899 for both design series (Sahara S358 & Vegas S357).

The number to call is the Stamford Tyres Malaysia direct sales line: 03 5569 3094/3397