Stamford Tyres Malaysia All Set for Ultra- High Performance Market

Although the ultra-high performance (UHP) tyre market in Malaysia is still considered very small, the potential is there and it will keep its momentum to grow, mainly driven by new car models. Major tyre brands see it as an important segment for them to showcase their speed capabilities and technology breakthroughs, as well as to project their image.

“We did not focus on the European UHP tyre segment until Sumitomo had taken over the distribution of Falken tyres in Europe. Simce then, they are aggressively developing tyres for the European UHP Car as well as the SUV segment by introducing the FK453 and FK453CC. Included in the expansion is the PT722 which is made for the luxury performance Japanese car, ” said Senior Vice President of Stamford Tyre (M) Sdn Bhd  Cham Soon Kian.

Therefore with the three newly launched premium performance tyres—the Azenis PT722, Azenis 453 and 453CC, Stamford Tyres Malaysia is now gearing up to enter the UHP tyre market, covering the Japanese performance luxury car segment, the European luxury car segment as well as the European luxury SUV segment.  

“Last year,” Cham said, “we achieved 1 million units of tyres sales, and is looking forward to improve our performance this year. We see a good future in the Malaysian market, now with these three new premium performance tyres, it will help us offer a more comprehensive range of tyres to all of our customers.”

In terms of market positioning, Cham explained that they are offering the drivers other options where they can have an almost similar quality product with a reasonable pricing.  Anyway, he said, they like to position themselves similar to major brands.

These tyres will be available in their existing dealer network especially the high-end dealers’ shops, as well as tuning shops. Of course, for these kinds of shops, he said Stamford Tyres will provide a prompt delivery service to dispatch the orders as soon as possible as well as professional fitment advice for size up applications,  information on product and pattern characteristics.

Currently, the company has 1000 resellers in Malaysia, and Klang Valley is their strongest area. “At present, we are looking to increase our dealer network by 10 per cent, especially in the west coast, northern and southern areas of Malaysia.”

Cham also revealed that Stamford Tyres is doing very well in Singapore with its own retail outlets. At the moment, they only have one Stamford Tyre Mart outlet in Malaysia, and they hope to develop more. There is a lot of growth in the tyre business and shops will get closer and closer to each other.  Their main challenge then is to get the dealer to work together and prosper together in this new environment.     

“Sumitomo and Stamford look forward to working with their dealers to bring more value and customer satisfaction for using Falken tyres. By working together all of our customers and Sumitomo will be able to grow the business and succeed” added Wee Kok Wah, President of Stamford Tyres Coporation Limited.