STC Tyre Mart Rolls Out Stimulus Package to Assist Rovelo Dealers

Malaysia’s movement control order (MCO) entered into a recovery phase beginning 10th June until 31st August, allowing almost all economic sectors to open.  However, the earlier lockdown has had a huge impact on businesses, and keeping the financial wheels turning during these periods has been the most challenging part for most businesses. 

STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian exclusive distributor for the Rovelo brand of tyres, has rolled out a stimulus package to help its dealers to weather the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

First and foremost, Sales Manager Ang Beng Loo said, STC Tyre Mart has had to make a study on the lost ground during the MCO and conditional movement control order (CMCO) periods with business activity reduced by half.

“Before we carry out any strategy or plan, we have to ensure that it is for the benefit for both parties, the dealers as well as for the company. In view of the past strong support shown by our dealers towards our CSL (Commitment, Sincerity and Loyalty) business principle, we have come out with a stimulus package to help dealers in their daily operation, and are also offering monetary incentives to strengthen their cash flow during these challenging periods,” said Sales Manager Ang Beng Loo. 

During the current recovery movement control order (RMCO), he revealed that their sales personnel would approach individual dealers.  “We would like to understand the challenges that they have encountered and assist them with the best possible ways that we can. In fact, we are truly proud and pleased to be able to build a network of genuine quality dealers who are willing to follow and accept our business module concept, rendering a continual product support service to their customers. However, it is equally important for us to monitor the uncertainties ahead carefully and focus on our total business solutions. “ 

Ang added that regardless of the market condition, STC Tyre Mart’s business plan is always focusing on a year-long dealer profit orientated programme. He said, dealers who adhere to the company’s CSL business principle would be rewarded with a bonus scheme based on their whole year performance.

In addition, he pointed out that the company would offer sales related promotion assistance to the weaker dealers to boost their sales performance. 

While some companies experienced major shortages in tyre inventory, STC Tyre Mart did not face any tyre supply issue as the Rovelo’s factory in Vietnam was not affected by Covid-19. Ang said, STC Tyre Mart always keeps a good relationship and works closely with Rovelo’s factory on a year-round basis.  

“With the constant monitoring of our dealer tyre size purchase behaviour, we are able to ensure a smooth supply of goods.  To avoid any delay in production and delivery, purchase forecasts are submitted to Rovelo’s plant on a yearly basis. We also help our dealers maintain a very healthy inventory level that eases their cash flow problem.”  

A rise in brand acceptance 

It has been 6 years now since the Rovelo brand was introduced in Malaysia, and the brand has grown in popularity and acceptance over the years. Today, Ang said, their dealer network covers almost the whole country, with plans for further expansion. 

“We continue exploring and appointing the right dealers to join us, and we are looking more aggressively in East Malaysia,” he said. 

He contributed the achievement to the quality of the product, the marketing efforts the company has invested, and also the commitment of their dealers in building up the brand.

“A good product must come with good quality. We have not faced any major quality issues with the Rovelo brand since we brought it into the market in 2014. Customer complaint volume is an important metric for measuring customers’ experience and perceived product quality, and we are proud and satisfied that the number of complaints that we receive on Rovelo tyres is very negligible.”

Commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction has always been the company’s priority. Ang stressed that STC Tyre Mart would bring up even the most minor issue on usage durability to the factory’s technical team for product improvement. 

“Dealer networks without brand acceptance means zero. To increase brand awareness and visibility, we have a year-round marketing programme. This includes promoting the Rovelo brand on our Facebook page, which helps us to engage followers, build relationships and expand our brand recognition to a wider and new audience.” 

Currently, the company has introduced 7 different Rovelo patterns – Sport A1, Road Racer R1, RHPA68, Roadquest AT, RCM 601 and RCM-X+. Sport A1 and Road Racer R1 are designed for the ultra-high performance (UHP) segment. 

Featuring an asymmetrical tread pattern, Ang said, the Sport A1, ranging from 15-to 20-inch, provides superior excellent corner stability while maintaining the superior wet traction. Its groove design efficiently drains water out for safer driving on wet roads, and the tyre noise is reduced with increased cornering capabilities with a wave-like design on the shoulder.  The Road Racer R1 is suitable for normal road usage, drifting or racing. This new semi slick tyre with big shoulder block design, he said, demonstrates increased stability and handling capability. Sizes available are from 15- to 18-inch. 

Meanwhile, he continued, the RHP-A68 high performance passenger car tyes, ranging from 12- to 16-inch, deliver comfort and performance. With its efficient self-cleaning performance design, the Road Quest AT off-road light truck/SUV tyre, ranging from 15- to 20-inch, could effectively eject mud, sand, gravel and other debris to improve grip. Its lengthened tread shoulder employs a multi-layered protruding design to improve strength and prevent damage to the carcass, allowing safe off-roading experience. 

Also available are the RCM-601 and RCM-X+ LTR tyres. The former has a rim size of 12- and 15-inch and has a multi-directional pattern for strong durability, efficient water drainage and wet traction. It has a buffered sipe design for better driving comfort and a unique sidewall design. The latter boasts an optimal sipe design that improves braking and traction performance on wet surfaces, a closed shoulder design for better handling and wear performance and is available in diameter variants of 13- to 16-inch. 

Two new patterns – 

Rovelo Montare HT RV08 and RPX-988

When asked about upcoming products, Ang revealed that the company will be introducing two new patterns, Montare HT RV08 for the SUV market and RPX-988 UHP tyre for K-cars.   

“With channel groove design, the Montare HT RV08 increases grip and operating stability for greater maneouvrability and braking performance. Its wide main grooves and sipes ensure efficient drainage and greater performance on different road conditions. Driving comfort is increased through a unique pattern design that delivers good vibration and noise absorption. The tyre’s load capacity has also been improved, thanks to its optimal tread formula and high strength skeleton material. There would be in total 8 sizes, ranging from 17- to 19-inch.” 

This new SUV range, he said, will be available around August or September this year. “Because the Rovelo plant in Vietnam has not start producing SUV tyres yet, this new range is being manufactured in China.”

Meanwhile, the RPX-988 UHP tyre features an asymmetrical tread pattern that provide excellent cornering stability while maintaining superb wet traction. The tyre has multi-dimensional rib sipes that drastically improve braking in all weather conditions, wavy tread sipes that reduces vibrations for improved driving comfort and reinforced shoulder ribs which have been engineered for high-speed cornering with extended tread life. 

“We will be targeting the RPX-988 at K-cars, with two new sizes – 195/45R15 and 195/45R16. We will continue to work closely with the factory to develop more new sizes for the local market.”

Ang concluded the interview with a great confidence, where he said the company is looking at a 20 per cent growth in dealers and sales despite the pandemic. 

“With a solid business plan and clear vision for the year 2021 and ahead, we confident that we can not only achieve our goals, but always go beyond the limit,” he added. 

STC Tyre Mart推出振兴配套


从6月10日起至8月31日,马来西亚 行动管制令(MCO)迈入了一个复原阶段,几乎所有的经济领域都能够重新开启。然而早前的封锁却对各行各业带来了巨大冲击,对大部分的业者来说如何在这个时期保持财务的正常运转是最大的挑战。

马来西亚Rovelo轮胎品牌独家经销商推出了 振兴配套,协助代理商抵御新冠肺炎疫情所带来的冲击。

销售经理洪明如表示,首先STC Tyre Mart必须先研究行管令期间的损失和复原式行动管制令(RMCO)期间减少了一半的商业活动所带来的影响。

“我们在执行任何策略或计划 前,必须确保惠及双方,也就是代理商和公司。有鉴于过去代理们对我们的CSL(承诺、诚信及忠心)经营原则的强大支持,我们推出了振兴配套来帮助代理商的日常操作,提供金钱上的奖励,在这段充满挑战性的期间强化他们的现金周转。”

他透露说,在目前的复原式行管令期间,他们的销售人员将接触 个别的代理商。“我们想要了解 他们所面对的挑战,并竭尽所能地提供最好的协助。事实上,能 够建立一个拥有纯正品质的代理商网络让我们深感自豪。他们愿意遵循和接受我们的模块式业务概念,为客户提供一个持续的产品支援服务。然而,谨慎监督不确定的未来和聚焦于我们的整体业务解决方案也相对重要。”

洪明如补充,不管市场的情况如 何,STC Tyre Mart的业务计划总 是聚焦在一整年的代理商利益导向计划。他说,遵循公司CSL经营原则的代理商将获得按他们整年业绩表现的花红作为奖励。

此外,他指出,该公司将为表现比 较弱的代理商提供相关的销售促销协助,以提高他们的销售表现。

当有些公司面对轮胎存货短缺时,STC Tyre Mart并没有面对任何轮胎供应问题,因为Rovelo在越南的工厂并没有受到新冠肺炎疫情的影响。他说,STC Tyre Mart总是与Rovelo密切配合和保持良好的关系。




“我们将继续扩展和委任适 合的代理商,尤其是在东马方面。”他将这个成就归功于产品的良好品质,该公司的营销工作,以及代理商为建立该品牌的承诺。

“一个良好的产品必须拥 有优良的品质。从2014年 将Rovelo引进国内至今, 我们不曾碰到任何品质问 题。客户的投诉是衡量客 户经验和产品质量的重要指标,我们收到的投诉很少,我们为此感到非常自豪。”      

对产品质量和客户满意度的承诺一直是该公司的重中之重。洪明如强调说,为了进一步改善品质,即使是有关耐磨性的最小问题,STC Tyre Mart也会告诉工厂的技术团队。


目前,该公司推出了7种不同 的Rovelo款型–Sport A1、Road Racer R1,RHP-A68、Road Quest AT、RCM 601及RMC X+。Sport A1 和Road Racer R1是特别为高性 能领域设计的。  

他说,拥有不对称花纹的Sport A1,直径从15至20寸,在提供卓越的拐弯稳定性的同时,可保持优异的湿地牵引力。高效排水的沟槽设计,提升轮胎在湿滑路面行驶的安全性,波浪般的胎肩花纹设计协助降低噪音和提高转弯能力。Road Racer R1适用于普通道路、漂移或赛车。他说,这条全新的半光头胎拥有大胎肩设计,提供更高的稳定性和操控,尺寸涵盖范围从15至18寸。

与此同时,他续说,RHP-A68高性能轿车轮胎,尺寸从12至16寸,舒适性与性能兼具。Road Quest AT越野轻型卡车/休旅车轮胎,尺寸从15至20寸,具有自洁能力的它能有效排出泥浆、沙、砾石及其他碎片,改善抓地力。加长和多层的突出胎肩花纹设计,改善力度和避免胎体受损,带来安全的越野体验。


两款新轮胎 – Rovelo Montare HT RV08和 RPX-988

询及未来产品,他透露说,该公司将推出两款新轮胎,休旅车(SUV)市场的Montare HT RV08 和适用于K-car的RPX-988高性能轮胎.

“Montare HT RV08的渠道沟槽设计提高抓地力和运行稳定性,操纵能力和制动性能更强。宽大的主沟槽和刀槽花纹,确保高效排水和提升它在不同道路表层行驶的性能。独特的花纹设计提高驾驶舒适性,有效吸收震动和噪音。优化的复合胶配方和高强度的骨架材料,改善该款轮胎的载重量。它共推出8种尺寸,从17至19寸。”



“RPX-988轮胎的目标是K-car,共 有两种尺寸—195/45R5和195/45R6 。我们将会继续与工厂密切配合, 为本地市场开发更多的尺寸。”