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Falken Sincera SN832i

The Sincera SN832i is Falken¡'s Standard tyre with a European taste that provides the longer life and higher durability desired for the ASEAN market. A stronger pattern design and profile features have been introduced to maximise wear performance for better mileage and longer wear life.

Targeted towards small and midsized vehicles like the popular Perodua Myvi, Proton Saga, Toyota Vios and other similar class cars, the SN832i is available in 33 sizes from series 50-70, with diameters ranging from 12-16-inches.

The Sincera SN832i's key features are as follows;

  • Resistant to irregular wear with optimised foot print and contact pressure is evenly distributed across entire tread.
  • Retention of brand-pattern image for a long time even as wear progresses. It can be used until completely worn out.
  • Perfectly round profile to evenly distribute strain and reduce deformation.
  • Wider Reinforced Steel Belt which strengthen durability.
  • Enhanced pattern rigidity where 4 rib pattern design maintains the size and strength of pattern blocks.

The rubber compound of the tyre has been optimized to ensure lower friction. This in turn leads to less heat generation and an improved rolling resistance.

In an internal test at Falken, they compared the new SN832i with the older SN828, the results showed that the new model¡'s was an improvement of 22% over the SN828. This equated to around 4% better fuel consumption.

Falken have used a high dispersion silica in the new model to enhance the rubber¡'s pliability when in motion. A newly-formulated ¡°Wet Performance Enhancer¡± is said to improve the overall wet performance of the tyre. Again in an internal test at Falken, they compared the new SN832i with the older SN828. The results showed that the new model¡'s braking distance was improved by 27% than SN828.

If you are looking for a replacement tyre that will increase your reduce your fuel consumption and improve your handling, then you need to try this Falken Sincera SN832i for yourself. For further information call 03 5569 3094 / 3397 or log on to www.stamfordtyres.com.my.