Tyre Shredders at Drift Kings 2019

Nothing beats the intense experience of a drift event. You turn up and while finding a parking, already spot a cloud that wasn’t there earlier. Exit the car and you’re hit with the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber while your ears are nearly deafened by the orgasmic rhythm of a car sitting dancing its way through corners at massive speed with insane angle and bouncing at the rev limiter. It’s always such an event! 

Drfit Kings 2019 took place on the 16th and 17th of November 2019 at Elite Speedway USJ Subang Jaya. The go-kart track has long held events for full sized cars, motorbikes and drift events thanks to its width and slopes that provide ample amount of challenge for drivers to put their skills and machines to the test. 

Falken Tyres, long into the drift scene worldwide were present on the weekend as well with two booths showing support for the sideways scene in Malaysia. Not only were Falken Tyres there but were also handing out jaw dropping tyres deals! Falken tyres brought to us by Stamford Tyres have a long list of passenger car tyres available. The tyres include flagship tyre Azenis FK510, ZE914, SN832i, and 4×4 tyres the Wildpeak AT3W and MT01 as well. The Azenis FK510 was launched this time last year with success both abroad and locally thanks to his superior wet weather performance and comfort. Sizes available from 17-inch to 22-inch for passenger car to SUV.

Among the tyres going for great deals at the Falken booth, SSW rims were also up for grabs. Ranging from 15″ to 20”, varying designs were for sale at amazing prices. The tyre promo was extended to the 30th of November and valid for SSW rims only. 

Also present with their array of rubbers were Rovelo Tyres. Rovelo is a tyre brand that is wholly owned by the Sailun Group Co. Ltd of China and has enjoyed growing success in the local market of late. Much of this is credited to its partners STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd who were appointed as Rovelo’s exclusive distributor since April 2014. The local firm is poised at taking things further by solidifying the brand’s presence, products range and network.

Rovelo is also a tyre brand that you can spot on the racing scene nowadays, specifically with the Road Racer R1, the latest pattern that the company introduced. The Road Racer R1 is available in from 15-inch to 18-inch sizes. Both Rovelo and STC Tyre Mart are touting that this semi-slick tyres are suitability for both normal road use and motorsports. Rovelo were offering promotions and free gifts at the Drift Kings weekend for their Sport A1, A68, Road Racer R1 and 4×4 Tyre: Roadquest AT. 

The tyre promo was extended to the 30th of November and valid for Falken and Rovello tyres at all Stamford Tyres and STC Tyre Mart outlets respectively. For further enquiries and purchased please contact Glenmarie Tyre Mart, Hwa 017-6691219/Heng 012-6065651 or Cheras Tyre Mart, Hong 017-2227237/James 019-7317988.