When a Falken gets damaged, another will take its place

Falken is now offering free warranty for their tyres but only for the FK453

Road hazards – it is something that no one can avoid these days. Gone are the days of not-that-badly-damaged roads, not-too-deep potholes and not-too-uneven-road-repairs. Instead, these are the days where holes appear where there weren't any just a few hours ago and the road can be littered with metallic bits from the countless construction projects in and around the Klang Valley. Imagine, now, what your tyres have to go through. From your tyre's of view, it is a gauntlet of deadly obstacles where risks of damage and puncture are at an all-time high.

So it is timely that Falken has decided to offer a Road Hazard Warranty for all of their Azenis FK453 tyres, with terms and conditions, of course. This, they hope, would help their customers save money in case an Azenis FK453 gets mangled due to road hazard and needs a replacement. To qualify for the free warranty, you only need to purchase a minimum of two Azenis FK453 tyres.

The Azenis FK453 are made for high performance cars. The new high rigidity construction minimizes tread profile expansion to give extraordinarily high speed performance. These ultra-high performance tyres also provide more grip and driving pleasure without sacrificing driving comfort. Needless to say, these tyres are meant for sports cars and cars with sporting ambitions. The Azenis FK453 is available in 70 sizes from series 25 to 55, with diameters ranging from 17 to 22 inches. That said, the tyres should do well with any car that can accommodate its size.

If you want to feel the tyres yourself, or to know more about the warranty, you only need to head down to your nearest Falken dealer. They should be able to furnish you with more information.